Epistylio publications began in 2014, driven by our wish to bring forward the creative nature which has been an important component of our nation, from the most distant past to the present day.

Through our publications, we aim to promote all the special elements that have given Greek culture its special place, for we believe in the everlasting power of our heritage. Through literature, visual arts or any other form of art, Greek culture has earned worldwide appreciation and reflects contemporary quests and visions.

We strive to produce and distribute printed publications that adhere to the highest visual and technical standards by utilizing the latest advances in printing technology while respecting each artist and their work. Thus, we seek to earn the public’s trust and appreciation. 

We would like to thank you for your interest in our work and we invite you to contribute with your comments and suggestions. We are looking forward to an alive and dynamic interaction with the public which will enable us to adapt, improve and stay ahead of the times.




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